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COVID-19 Contact Tracing Made Easy

Simple pricing - £80 /year*

Easily gather contact tracing information from visitors safely and securely. Adaptable for many types of business.

*Special limited-time launch price. Price does not include VAT. This price is for small and medium sized businesses only.

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VisitorTrace is for gathering COVID-19 contact tracing information ONLY.

Our Features

Quick and safe

Gather details from customers using unique QR codes - they can submit their details quickly through their smartphone.

Data Security

Data is encrypted in our database and automatically deleted after 21 days. Data displayed in the interface is also obscured to prevent over-the-shoulder reading.

Tracing Reports

If an incident happens, no worries, use the trace feature to export a document that includes contact details of those who may be affected. This can be shared with the proper authorities or used to contact customers directly.

Privacy notice templates

By UK law you must display a privacy notice in your premises if you collect personal information. Download our templates for a quick compliant solution.

Handy Dashboard

Use the dashboard to determine if visitors are actually providing their details, and use the quick-capture feature to enter details of a user directly from your own device.

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